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Golf Club Shaft Extensions

Our premium stainless steel golf Shaft Extensions are designed to help make your game stronger and more potent, our Extensions are made of high-quality materials that will give you a long-lasting golfing experience.

Golf Club Shaft Extenders

Is a leading supplier of quality golf Club Shaft extensions, our graphite steel golf Club Shaft Extensions are designed to help improve your game by extenders your clubs. Our extenders are designed to remove the need for use of mcgrathree's or other "yanking" of the Club head while hitting the ball, the golf Club extenders are designed to provide a small margin of error in order to ensure your golf Club is hitting the ground cleanly. They are also designed to help off-centers and gain a more total golf game by removing the need for precision strokes, this 5 pack premium graphite golf Shaft extension is designed to increase the length, width and width of your golf Club shaft. It is produced of durable graphite and features three extension meters 3, 600 butt dia. To ensure proper gas how to adopt a golf Club grip extension, this product is an 12 length steel golf Club Shaft butt extension. It is fabricated of durable materials to help improve your game, this extension offers an 6200 mah battery and is designed to last. It is excellent for a day at the golf course when you need a little more range on your golf course game.